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Ted's Famous White Peach Cold Brewed Green Tea


TED LIKES TEA: Ted enjoys high-quality natural tea with ingredients that are simply the best. Be like Ted and enjoy a refreshing, natural tea.

TED LIKES IT COLD BREWED: Ted knows that good things take time. That's why Ted's tea is hand-crafted in small batches and slowly steeped in cold water. This gives you a smooth,  flavor that makes the best tea. Be like Ted and take time to savor every sip.

TED PICKS GOOD FLAVORS: Ted likes to keep it simple and tasty. Ted's tea features natural sweetness of white peach, perfectly blended with the refreshing notes of green tea. Be like Ted and enjoy tea that's bursting with delicious flavor.

TED LIKES EASY PACKAGING: Ted cares about the environment. That's why Ted's tea comes in recyclable packaging. Be like Ted and help reduce waste.

TED LIKES SIMPLE PODS: Ted likes things easy. With these single-use peel and pour pods, all you need to do is peel, pour into your favorite cup, and enjoy. It's the perfect way to have a refreshing, beverage anytime, anywhere. Be like Ted and keep it simple.

TED LOVES SWEET TEA: Ted enjoys a refreshing sweet tea with fruity white peach notes, perfectly balanced with the smoothness of green tea and naturally sweetened. Be like Ted and treat yourself to something special.

No preservatives. Sugar free. Kosher.

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