Summer Sips at Java House: Dive into Our Refreshing Seasonal Drinks!

Summer Sips at Java House: Dive into Our Refreshing Seasonal Drinks!

As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, Java House is excited to introduce a sensational lineup of summer seasonal drinks. Available from June 7th to August 30th, these refreshing beverages are crafted to bring a burst of flavor to your summer days. Whether you're a fan of classic ice cream-inspired treats or crave a tropical twist, we have something special just for you. Let’s dive into the delicious details of our new offerings!


Neapolitan Cold Brew Drink


First on our list is the Neapolitan, a drink that pays homage to the beloved tri-flavored ice cream. Imagine an iced vanilla latte perfectly layered with rich chocolate drizzle, and then topped off with a light and fluffy strawberry cold foam. Each sip is a delightful journey through the classic Neapolitan flavors, offering a sweet and satisfying way to cool down.


Summer Blues

Next up, we have the Summer Blues a unique blend that fuses the notes of blueberry and hazelnut in a refreshing cold brew. This drink is elevated with a topping of blueberry cold foam, a sprinkle of almond flour, and a dash of crème brûlée sugar, creating a symphony of flavors and textures. It's the perfect choice for those who love a bold and innovative twist in their coffee experience.



For a truly refreshing treat, try the Lemmynade. This drink is an explosion of summer flavors, combining the exotic tastes of coconut and guava with a hint of mint, all mixed into a zesty lemonade. This tropical paradise in a cup is the perfect addition to our recently added lemonades.



Nitro Float

And let's not forget our beloved Nitro Float, which is already a favorite in our cafes. This delightful concoction features a creamy blended soft serve mix topped with our signature nitro cold brew. It's a heavenly mix of creamy and caffeinated, making it a perfect treat for any time of the day. Whether you're new to the Nitro Float or a long-time fan, it's a must-have for this summer.


These exclusive summer drinks are only on the menu until August 30th, so make sure to visit Java House and treat yourself before they’re gone. Each drink is crafted to bring a unique and delightful experience, making your summer days even brighter. Cheers to a flavorful and refreshing summer at Java House!

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