Java House Cafe Expands Breakfast Menu, Featured on WISHTV

Java House Cafe Expands Breakfast Menu, Featured on WISHTV

Java House Cafe, renowned for its exceptional cold brew coffee, has recently made headlines on WISHTV as it unveils an expanded and enticing hand-crafted breakfast menu as highlighted by Michael Sullivan of Java House.

What distinguishes Java House from other cafes is its commitment to providing a unique and interactive cafe experience. Sullivan emphasizes that the absence of grinders allows the cafe to focus on steaming, creating a clutter-free environment that fosters direct interaction with guests. The emphasis on the overall experience inside the cafe sets Java House apart as a welcoming and engaging destination.

Java House is making new additions to the breakfast menu. Sullivan showcased delectable treats during a segment on News 8 at Daybreak – including the egg white spinach wrap and the bacon, egg, and cheese bagel. These mouthwatering options add a new dimension to the cafe's culinary offerings, enticing both loyal patrons and newcomers.

One of the highlights of Java House's expanded breakfast menu is the introduction of the "cold brew combo." Starting this Sunday, guests can indulge in a delightful pairing of a breakfast sandwich and cold brew coffee at a reasonable price ranging from $6 to $10. This combo deal adds value to the breakfast experience, providing a satisfying and cost-effective option for patrons.

Java House, with its 11 locations, continues to be a staple in Indianapolis, with seven cafes scattered across the city. This strategic expansion ensures accessibility for residents and visitors alike, making Java House a go-to destination for coffee enthusiasts and breakfast lovers throughout the area.

View the full segment here.

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