Grand Opening Extravaganza at Hi-Vine Location Near Purdue University

Grand Opening Extravaganza at Hi-Vine Location Near Purdue University

Excitement was in the air as the aromatic notes of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the bustling crowd gathered at the grand opening of Java House Cafe's latest venture. On December 8, 2023, students, caffeine enthusiasts. and locals alike converged at the new Hi-Vine location, strategically positioned just off the Purdue University campus at 302 Vine Street, West Lafayette, Indiana.

Nestled in the heart of West Lafayette, the Hi-Vine location boasts a cozy and inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for a delightful coffee experience. Its proximity to campus makes it an ideal spot for students, professionals, and residents to unwind, catch up on work, or grab a coffee on the way to class.

To accommodate the diverse schedules of the Purdue University community and local residents, Java House Café Hi-Vine operates on the following hours:

  • Monday to Saturday: 7 am to 6 pm
  • Sunday: 8 am to 6 pm

These extended hours ensure that whether you're in need of an early morning pick-me-up or a late-afternoon study session, Java House Café is ready to serve.

The grand opening was nothing short of a celebration. Java House Café didn't just open its doors; it welcomed patrons lined down the street with Java House merch, goodie bags, and free Cold Brew Pods. The event was a testament to the community's enthusiasm for quality coffee and a welcoming space. Locals added to the festive spirit by expressing their support for this exciting addition to the neighborhood.

From artisanal brews crafted by skilled baristas to an array of delectable pastries and snacks, the Hi-Vine location offers a diverse selection to cater to every palate. Our signature cold brew process ensures that every cup is always amazingly smooth.

The Java House location at Hi-Vine is the newest of ten café locations in the greater Indianapolis and Lafayette areas.

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