How do I use Java House Pods?

For iced coffee simply open a pod and pour into a glass with 8oz of water and ice. For hot coffee, combine the pod with hot water or place in a K-Cup machine.

You can also get fancy with it! We've seen coffee pods used in protein shakes, overnight oats, cocktails, and more.

What if I don't like it?

No problem, we stand behind our cold brewed coffee and guarantee your money back for 30 days after purchase.

What is coffee concentrate?

Coffee concentrate is basically super-strong coffee. It's brewed naturally and meant to be diluted before drinking. Levels of concentration may vary, Java House's cold brewed coffee is concetrated at 5:1. We find that increasing the concentration past 5:1 damages the flavors of the cold brew.

What makes cold brewed coffee special?

Cold brewed coffee creates a better cup of coffee with reduced acidity and deeper flavors. Cold water gentley extracts flavor from our beans for reduced bitterness. We brew for 12-24 hours instead of scorching coffee beans in hot water for a few minutes.

How much caffeine in each pod?

Each pod contains ~150mg of caffeine. This is all naturally occuring caffeine processes of cold brew naturally extracts more caffeine from coffee beans.