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Why Cold Brew?

Cold Brew’s Taking Over!

Cold Brew Iced Coffee
% of foodservice menus featuring 1.6% 13.6%
1 year menu growth rate 44% 7%
4 year menu growth rate 662% 22%
Menu growth rate since 2005 3623% 33%
Source: Datassential, Menu Trends July 2017.

The time to add JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Coffee to your menu is now!

Smooth Taste

Using hot water can make the coffee aromatic but this process also releases different compounds that can impact the taste and make the liquid brew more bitter. The cold brew process delivers a beverage that is smoother, naturally sweeter than hot brewed coffee, and less acidic.

Tried and True Cold Brew

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that cold brew has been around for a long time. Although the origin story of the cold brewing process varies, we know it’s been around for at least 400 years. Modern consumers are catching on to the benefits of cold brewing and we know this is one trend that’s here to stay.


JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Coffee grounds never feel the burn of scalding hot water, which means they produce coffee that is less bitter than hot brewed coffee. The final smooth, rich taste of our Colombian Black Pure Concentrate and ready to drink coffees can be enjoyed hot or cold and lend a rich, robust flavor to recipes that call for coffee flavor.