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How To Sell

In-store merchandising

We know your guests will love the smooth flavor of JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Coffee and we’ve created in store merchandising materials that capture attention and encourage trial. By featuring the materials that are right for your foodservice operation, we’ll help you increase coffee sales and create, happy, loyal customers.

Merchandising Materials

Contact us to see how we can support your JAVA HOUSE® program with some of the materials below!

Window Cling
Capture attention while customers are walking through the door and remind them that you serve authentic JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew Coffee.
Table Tent
For your tables or your coffee bar, table tents can encourage that extra beverage order.
Coffee Urn Wrap
With JAVA HOUSE® branded urn wraps, a standard 3.5 gallon Bunn urn can be customized to advertise your cold brew program to your guests.
Counter Mat
Put JAVA HOUSE® branding where your guests can’t miss it, right on the condiment bar. No matter what your guests ordered today, this counter mat will remind them to try JAVA HOUSE® in the future.
Plastic JAVA HOUSE To Go Cups
Remind your guests that they’re not drinking just any iced coffee!
Recommended for full service restaurants, coasters with the JAVA HOUSE® logo are a great cold brew conversation starter.
JAVA HOUSE Sampling Cups
Help you guests experience the rich, smooth taste of cold brew with JAVA HOUSE® branded sampling cups
Prep Poster
Make sure everyone on your staff knows how to whip up a quick and easy batch of JAVA HOUSE® by posting these instructions in your coffee bar or kitchen area.

What you need to serve prepared JAVA HOUSE® Colombian Black Pure Concentrate to your guests – there’s a perfect solution for every foodservice operation


A simple pitcher can be the perfect solution for preparing a batch of JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew for back of house or coffee bar serving.

3.5 Gallon Urn

A staple in many restaurants, a 3.5 gallon urn allows your staff to make a large batch of JAVA HOUSE® Authentic Cold Brew in advance and allows your guests to pour and prepare their cold brew exactly how they want it.

Commercial Dispenser

For those who are interested in a high tech cold brew solution, a commercial beverage dispenser can take your program to the next level. New dispensers can even infuse cold brew with nitro for an on-trend cold brew experience.

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the right equipment for your foodservice operation.